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Endurance x Nature products have been designed to provide you with an optimally balanced, clean and sustainable energy and recovery fuel, to enhance your sporting performance.  Designed by a chef, who takes his own sport and fuelling seriously, these power balls are manufactured with high quality ingredients to ensure that they provide a superior training fuel for your body without compromising on great taste.

One 90g bag of energy fuel contains approximately 50g of carbs, making it a good source of healthy slow release carbohydrates; a perfect fix between meals, as a snack to keep your energy levels topped up and one 90g bag of recovery fuel contains 15g of protein which is great post work-out; a perfect protein source for those who don’t like messing around with the shakes!

Each energy pack contains 3x30g balls.  There are four flavours to choose from, all containing slow release energy, with a choice of different textures and ingredients to tantalise your taste buds and satisfy even the most demanding athlete or nutritional connoisseur.

Always plant based, clean & natural

Plant based all the way

Living a plant based life style is not about changing your diet, it’s about changing the way you think about the food you consume and effect it has on your body. ‘Vinnie’s power balls’ are prepared with totally natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers or additives, which means every ingredient we put into the balls can be easily recognised by you as well as your body. We truly believe that the plant based lifestyle  will not only improve your performance, it will improve sleeping pattern, provide with consistent energy levels and efficient recovery.


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