Taste & Texture:  These balls are the ideal choice for someone who loves their coffee and prefers a firmer consistency.  They are suitable for consumption during events in hotter environments. A subtle taste of toasted Columbian coffee makes them delicious! 


Ingredients:  Deglet dates, Gluten free oats, Maple syrup, Milled linseed, Hempseed & chia seeds, Ground coffee, Salt


Nutritional Information: (per 30g ball)

Energy                         92kcal/ 389kj

Fat                                     1.2g

   (Saturated)                      0.2g

Carbohydrates                 17.2g

   (Sugar)                          10.7g

Fibre                                  2.6g

Protein                               1.8g

Salt                                    0.1g


Contains oats

May contain traces of other allergens

Coffee & Dates Energy Balls