Taste & texture:  Packed with a whopping 5.1g of protein per 30g ball and taste great!

Recommendation:  Drink water for better dissolvent and maximum absorption.


Ingredients:  Deglet dates, Rice protein powder, Pea protein powder, raw cacao powder, Maple syrup, Milled linseed, Hempseed & Chia seed


Nutritional Information (per 30g ball)           

Energy                      88kcal/ 371kj

Fat                                   0.6g

   (Saturated)                    0.1g

Carbohydrates               14.3g

   (Sugar)                        13.6g

Fibre                                2.5g

Protein                             5.1g

Salt                                  0.1g

May contain traces of allergens

Dates & Protein Recovery Balls