And that's how it all began

‘Vinnie’s power balls’ is a concept which is fuelled by its own powerful story.

I have a longstanding keen interest in cuisine and nutrition - early days in culinary college, some dodgy pub kitchens, degree in International Culinary Arts and experience working as a chef at some of London’s top restaurants and establishments, alongside world renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Richard Corrigan. However, although this has undoubtedly provided me with the foundation and skills required to start my own business and develop my exciting project in the world of sports nutrition, the driving force behind the concept was actually a life-changing event, which has had a major impact on both my personal life and career pathway.

In 2014 my then 3 year old daughter, Sofia, was diagnosed with leukaemia; a devastating blow to me and my family. After a difficult two year battle Sofia successfully completed her treatment, winning her fight against the disease. Thankfully our story ended happily, but the journey was difficult nonetheless. To watch your child have to endure such a cruel illness and relentless treatment regime was devastating. At times I would find myself questioning whether I had, in any way, contributed to her plight. The experience, though hugely traumatic, has subsequently had an extremely positive effect on my life, in many ways changing my whole outlook. I was determined that something good would come out of this difficult life journey; indeed, that was what sparked my inner fire and fueled the birth of ‘Vinnie’s power balls.’

I knew i had to do something to change the direction of where my life was going, so at 30 years of age and weighing in at a hefty 105kg, i found myself signing up for the first sporting challenge - 2014 London to Paris charity cycle. It gave me the drive to get into shape and a way to acknowledge and thank all of the staff at The Royal Marsden Hospital for caring for my sick daughter and returning her to me, as a healthy, beautiful and vibrant little girl. I loved the experience, the feeling it gave me - combination of pride, pain, satisfaction and more pain. I knew then it was just the start - now my focus was to become a healthier version of myself, for me and my family and help anyone who wanted to do the same, but had no idea where to start.

Shortly after this introduction to sport, with a few beers inside me and a not-so-gentle push on from an ex ‘Special Forces’ friend, I found myself entered in an Ironman UK event. A slightly drunken challenge manifested itself in a confirmation text and an 8 month gruelling training plan, but by no means was this as gruelling as the regime that Sofia had endured. During my initial swim training session in that first week, I barely managed 100 metres. Fitness was somewhat lacking!

Three years later – with 350km swimming, 20,000km cycling and 4,000km running logged and 4 Ironman medals to proudly display – I can certainly say that my fitness and physique have been radically transformed. Exercise has become an integral part of my family life. My training has highlighted that both rest and fuel are crucial components required to ensure effective performance, igniting my interest in sports nutrition.

Two years ago I became ‘plant-based’ because I fundamentally believe that it is a healthier and optimal way of living. That triggered me to look for effective plant-based products to fuel performance and speed up recovery. Although there were some products available on the market I soon realised that, with my culinary knowledge and experience, I had the skills to easily design and produce superior products which would meet my specific requirements and that is where ‘Vinnie’s power balls’ began. I also believe that a product that has been demonstrated to work for me personally will also work for other individuals who are seeking to use a clean and nutritious energy source to power their performance and enhance their recovery.

‘Vinnie’s power balls’ are prepared with totally natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours, stabilisers or additives. I truly believe that they have improved my performance and, alongside an improved sleeping pattern, have provided me with consistent energy levels and efficient recovery.

‘Vinnie’s power balls’ provide healthy fuelling ,both during and post exercise, and could be life changing, or certainly performance changing, for you too.

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