Training & Recovery Fuel

In 2015 i started training for my first long distance triathlon - Ironman UK. It made sense to prepare fuel for my training and race-day combining the skills i have in the kitchen and the knowledge of ingredients.​

Today i make a variety of protein and energy foods to be used before, during and after training session. Ingredients and nutritional balance can be adjusted depending on goals, training intensity and special dietary requirements.

I use all the training fuel myself, so only the combinations and recipes that have desirable effects make the cut.

Vinnie’s Power Balls have been designed to provide you with an optimally balanced, clean and sustainable energy and recovery fuel, to enhance your sporting performance. Designed by a chef, who takes his own sport and fuelling seriously, these power balls are manufactured with high quality ingredients to ensure that they provide a superior training fuel for your body without compromising on great taste.

It is well-established that to perform at a high level during training the body requires an easily digestible fuel, balanced with the correct nutritious components to meet specific demands. Vinnie’s power balls and recovery fuel have been designed with this in mind. This product has been formulated with high quality natural ingredients that the body can easily recognise and digest, to provide a sustainable source of energy, which the body can use regularly, without concerns of negative side effects.

At Vinnie’s PB we believe that animal products, soya and artificial sweeteners and additives are not suitable substances for athletes to ingest, especially if they are looking to improve their performance and health. Unlike many of the sports products on the market at present, Vinnie’s PBs are aimed at athletes of all levels who are looking for long term thoughtful performance fuel. However, as they contain only natural and nutritious ingredients, they also make a perfect healthy snack!

One 90g bag of energy fuel contains approximately 50g of carbs, making it a good source of healthy slow release carbohydrates; a perfect fix between meals, as a snack to keep your energy levels topped up.

One 90g bag of recovery fuel contains 15g of protein which is great post work-out; a perfect protein source for those who don’t like messing around with the shakes!

We believe that if you don’t look forward to your nutrition intake, or enjoy the products that you are consuming, you may forget to refuel and miss the important food and energy replacement that your body needs to recover, which will certainly have a negative impact on your training. Fuelling can be an enjoyable experience with a tasty product like Vinnie’s PBs.

Each energy pack contains 3x30g balls. There are four flavours to choose from, all containing slow release energy, with a choice of different textures and ingredients to tantalise your taste buds and satisfy even the most demanding athlete or nutritional connoisseur.

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